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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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"eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live there at the scene where she just spoke with the victim's relative. right, syma? >> reporter: that's right, nicole. i spoke with family and friend of one of the victims. sorry, nicole, having technical issues. i spoke with family and friends of the victim who say that one person who was shot in the head is wheelchair bound, that goes to the hospital. doctors say he may be brain dead. the police of course are still here on the scene investigating this triple shooting. >> bristol township police are investigating a fatal shooting. it happened a little before 1:00 this morning. one man was fatally shot inside after home on the 900 block of windsor drive. police arrived, they also found two other men, injured. both were taken to the hospital.
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one man has been shot in the head, and another victim shot in the back. >> one of the victims went to a neighbor's house calling for help. another victim was inside the house. >> all three of the victims are in their mid 20's, to early 30's, and neighbors say, this is a quiet street, but they tell police, the people living in the home have been an issue. >> from what i understand, the house has been known to some of the neighbors as a problem area. >> although at least three gunshots, nobody reportedly heard any loud noises. >> it was very quiet. we had no reports of anything. so in fact our first idea that anything was wrong was when one of the victims went to a neighbor's house, at this point, there were no reports of any gunshots in the neighborhood. >> we spoke to one of the injured victims, and she says her nephew is in a wheelchair and didn't deserve this. >> he is a loving, big hearted person. he would do anything for anybody. he was in a wheelchair. and he loved the children. he would do anything for anybody. and he he didn't deserve this, what happened to him.
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>> reporter: again, one person dead, two others injured. police still here on the scene investigating. so far no suspects, no weapons have been recovered. live in bristol township, syma chowdhry, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. and, developing now, the israeli army has launched offensive operation against the gaza strip to yell rocket attacks threatening southern israel. so far israeli air strikes have wounded at least nine palestinians, and now this comes as president obama makes an appeal to israelis and palestinians to end the violence. the president calls the current situation a dangerous smoke. defense rests in the murder trial of blade runner oscar pistorius, both signed will reconvene next month for closing arguments, this is video of pistorius arriving in court this morning. he's accused of murdering had his girlfriend reason a -- reeva steenkamp valentine day last year. he killed her after mistaking
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her for an intruder he has kid. >> coming up on tracking. >> good morning, off to pleasant start. definitely muggier than it was this same time yesterday. but, it is mild enough that you will be able to walk out the door. do you not need a jacket obviously now that we're in the throws of summer at this point. but i love this view. isn't it beautiful? if you are a vacationing at the shore this week, you really overall picked a pretty good week for t because it looks like most of the stormy wet their we are forecasting likely stays primarily inland. >> this reminds me of an instagram photo every time i see it. see sort of the imperfections cast over the camera lens here. so, you know, just beautiful view. off to nice start. but eventually some showers, storms, do start to fire up. not just at the shore, but really everywhere else. and, especially, north and west of the city, could be locally severe. at the moment, though, storm scan3 remains empty. give it time. i would say as early as this early afternoon, maybe even late morning, we will start to see activity closer to home here. seventy-six the current
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temperature, meanwhile at the airport, little cooler up in allentown right now, but again, starting to feel the steamy necessary out there in the atmosphere. low to mid seven's, upper seven's, shoot, 77 in rehoboth. all again still sort of the norm down the area shore points. >> starting offer with plenty of sunshine most locations, but eventually shower or thunderstorm starts to get triggered here from the building heat and building instability. >> up to the poconos, lehigh vale western, best shot for severe weather i won't be surprised if you hear stormy weather rumbling through the philly region, as well. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, traveling right now, it is still looking pretty good out there. i had mentioned i had my feet up on the desk, really nothing to talk becomes and almost like wait you'll jinx us. i know, but right now, doing well. not seeing that 7:00 rush, just yet. we're still sort of waiting on it, we look at the ben franklin bridge, no delays in
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either direction, headed eastbound we do have construction, compromising two lanes, be minds full of. that will really the ben looks great. all of the bridges, the walt, bet circumstances tack, moving real well. we talk about 95 for a second, this is the southbound side of 95. you make your way through the area of girard, through the construction zone, bit of squeeze headed into downtown philadelphia, starts to heat up as you approach the area of the vine, which will only in turn get little worse we continue toward 7:00 a.m. however, speed censors still in the three's, 40's, if you are making your commute out of northeast fill my downtown. fifty-five your average on the schuylkill, 55 traveling 476. no major problems on the ex it end sean of the pa turnpike. traveling west philadelphia this happened yesterday with the partial building collapse, spruce and 60th, so definitely try to avoid that area if you can. as far as new jersey is concerned, i mean, we look really good. forty-two, 55, 295, all in the green. usually during that rush we see a touch of that northbound 42 volume approaching the area of the walt. but still we're in the clear,
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and not seeing that just yet. again, still kind of waiting on it, and traveling in philadelphia international airport, no major delays at all. looking good, as well, for mass transitment ukee? >> torrey, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a murder in the city's wynnefield section. it happened late last night, on the 1600 block of north wilton street. police say a 21 year old man was found shot, multiple times, while sitting inside a mini-van. there are no suspects in custody. investigators are checking to see if any store surveillance video captured the crime. loaded gun was found inside a philadelphia school. an uzi was inside a locker yesterday at the walter d palmer leadership partners charter school in frankford. officials changing locker combinations found the gun. no students were in the school at the time. it is unclear how long the gun had been there. well, ten people are homeless this morning, after two homes collapsed in the cobbs creek neighborhood of philadelphia. happened 60 he and spruce
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street, bolt a gist end properties, 6015 and 6017 came crumbling down, yesterday morning. no one was injured during this collapse. at least four other homes sustained damage. neighbors are very concerned about their homes. >> never in my life. even ten years in the military never seen it. >> i think they should take better look at all of these houses on the block just to make sure. l & i inspectors went door-to-door last night checking basement walls. and foundations in every home in the 6,000 block of spruce street. preliminary reports suggest the party wall between 6015 and 6017 gave way for some reason yet determined. nicole? >> ukee, frustration over the philadelphia fire department's response to a deadly blaze other weekends, ends in arrest. protesters took to the streets, clashing with officers, and in a attempt to get their voices heard. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein, liver at the scene, of that confrontation in southwest philadelphia. jen?
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>> nicole, community here continues to grieve the loss of four children who are killed in a house fire down this street in guest nerve street. you can see right here, we do have memorial set up outside of this church, balloons, stuffed animals, scanned recalls, sit out here, and if you look further down the street, you can see where several homes were burned during this saturday fire. now, in the meantime, tensions ran high yesterday as residents accuse the responding firefighters of slow response time. protesters clashed with police officers, yesterday evening, as anger and frustration consumed the community, several people were taken into custody, some in the crowd called firefighters murderers. after saturday's deadly fire in that, again, four young children of liberian descent were killed in quick moving fire on the 6500 block of guess nerve street. responding firehouse is only a few hundred yards away. we did hear there were some residents who said it took to up a half hour for firefighters responds, last night, mayor nutter and others held press conference to address the concerns.
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mayor nutter add meant emergency personnel did nothing wrong. about to hear from community member, community leader, and the mayor about response time. >> i'm not happy. because i don't -- not getting no answers. you are not getting no answers from, you know, from the fire department. >> most of the kids there are trying to event out their frustration of what happened, what took place, but again, we want to do it the best way possible and no this way. >> the community is hurt. they are in pain. they are trying to express themselves. i get that. the firefighters did their job. they're not the bad people here. it wasn't a lack of service. >> according to the mayor, firefighters arrived within a few minutes under the required response time. now, apparently, some of the fire fight verse received verbal threats from the community, as for the cause of the fire, that remains under investigation. from southwest philadelphia,
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jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, shear look at some of the things happening today. there is a preliminary hearing today for jose williams, williams is charged with murder in a shooting at an islands avenue hotel in may of this year. the pennsylvania state senate is expected to vote on a cigarette tax today. the tax would add $2 a pack to cigarettes in philadelphia. >> the president expected to ask congress for $2 billion to combat the surge of illegal imigrants coming from central america. the machine i will go toward new detention facilities and judges to speed up the deportation process. your time now 6:10. thrill seekers got more than they bargained for after their roller coaster derailed leaving them hanging for hours. we'll show you the rescue coming up. >> plus the video will make you are cringe. a police officer caught on camera, repeatedly punching a great grandmother. now her family is fighting back. >> and new developments in the case of a baby abandoned at a
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new york subway station. see the surveillance video of the woman who was last seen with that baby girl when we come back.
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good morning, we've received words new york city police have taken into custody a woman accused of leaving her baby at crowded subway station. investigators release this surveillance video of the woman last night. you can see her pushing the little girl in this stroller yesterday. and just moments later, she hops on a train, leaving the girl all alone. police sky the -- police say the woman said she couldn't take care of the baby any longer. they have not filed charges any yet. >> powerful typhoon pounding parts of japan, this is new
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video of the storm, slamming okinawa. the typhoon packing winds more than 150 miles per hour. hundreds every flights have been canceled, and half million people have been urged to evacuate. now there is could be the most powerful storm to hit the island in 15 years. and hey, take a look at this monster from space, nasa astronaunts snapped this photo, from the international space station. >> is that storm is huge, that picture, really told a story. we take a look at this system, actually, out over the pacific, super typhoon, and look at this. the problem is you've got japan, you've got korea, a you've got taiwan, all of these additional little islands, packing winds speeds, gusts as high as 150 miles per hour, but current sustained
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winds 125 miles per hour. we've dealt with gusty win here before. but, this is really, really significant, basically, on par with category three hurricane for that area. that is pertains to our scale of reference. meanwhile, storm scan3, actually, brinking in some very gusty winds right now, stormy weather back over the mississippi river valley. all headed our way, latest cold front. while we sit generally in the clear for now, it is muggy, heating up, and that's going to help create the instability, necessary, for some storms to fire up. currently, these aren't your temperatures, that are your dew point temperatures, remember, about 65, where it starts to feel steamy. stowe will start to feel steamy to you when you walk out the door have, the climate control ready or pool ready to jump into, right? mid 90s expected today, will feel hotter tomorrow we make it heatwave with high of 90, some more showers and storms. victoria? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, you notice, little sunny, hazy, around the 30 bypass at 113. no major delays on the roadway for sure. eastbound and westbound, commute, you will not have a problem.
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take a look at 476. again, you have the sun right up ahead, traveling on the northbound side of the blue route, this shot here, approaching the area of route one, no problems here. no problems around 95, the schuylkill, the mid-county toll plaza, so far so good. i must say. even on the southbound side, of 476, however, we will have some midday construction, both directions, from lancaster avenue to route one. this would be between ten a.m. and 2:00 p.m. today. so be mindful of that. expect just light volume associated with that construction project. we're dropping down to the 36 speed censor here on 95 southbound, and as you will notice, some of the yellow censors, coming out of northeast philadelphia into center city so really the only spot we're seeing too much after rush right now, again, 59 out of northeast through to about the vine st. expressway, ukee? >> tour, thank you. breaking news begins a look at today's headlines on cbs-3. police in bristol bucks county searching for suspect and the weapon in connection with deadly shooting late last night. one person was killed. two others injured.
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>> big crowds demonstrated at the scene of this weekend's deadly fire in southwest philadelphia. neighbors say it took too long for firefighters arrive. four children died in that fire. the defense team of olympian double amputee oscar pistorius has closed his casement final arguments set for next month. he is accused in the shooting death of hisis girlfriends. we'll be right back.
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>> video showing officer repeatedly punching her on side of los angeles freeway. the chp says the woman was walk on the freeway endangering herself and others, and that officer was trying to restrain her. >> nobody has a right to beat anybody judge the make thing is we want to make sure that he has some amening at this while we conduct our investigation. he is not in the field, not working the road, working administrative duties while we investigate what happened. >> and, an attorney says, she plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of 51 year old marlene pin okay. >> tree branch fell and derailed a roller coaster. marlie hall shows you the risky rescue
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a tree came crashing down on the coaster about 5:30 p.m., pushing if i car off the tracks. >> going across one turn, then all the sudden loud noise happens. >> one by one emergency crews rescued all 22 people, on the rolled err coaster, and jeremy was one of at least four people, who suffered minor injuries. i duck down, just in time, the hard branch. >> i was there bleeding from my head, which is no worse but took about 45 minutes to get any kind of response. >> that statement, amusement pack officials say the safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority, and as a precaution the ride will remain closed until thorough inspection of area is complete. park's website advertises that the ninja coaster swoops through trees at 55 miles per hour, to give riders a thrill. but, jeremy got more of a
6:22 am
thrill than he bargained for. and he says his first time at magic mountain will be his last. >> marlie hall. >> frightening inch died. >> real scar. >> i swimmer's ear common problem in the summertime, but there are ways to prevent t that's coming up in this morning's what's up doc segment. >> plus, it turns out, it is no longer safe to type in passwords, when using a ipad or even a smart phone in public. even if looking over your how older. >> find out how hackers are stealing your passwords, that's coming
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>> it will be heating up easily now that the sun is up. been up for almost an hour at this point.
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all i can do at this point help warm things up even more. as you take a look at storm scan3, the last few hours, see few remment speckles of green starting to fire up. don't worry about wet weather. later today start to seymour increased risk for showers, even locally stronger severe thunderstorms north and west, threat goes up tomorrow for rain chance, not necessarily so much for severe weather although could be strong storm around, start to see drop off. all because we have cold front moving through. as a result that far front, temperatures do start to drop off by thursday. but it is hot, steamy today. and tomorrow. torrey, over to you. >> thank you, katie. and i think a little bit of the rush is getting hotter on 95, really, everywhere else, we have pretty nice ride, do you want to be mine full, as you will notice, 202 sort of has that golden glow about it, the sun is out, but be minds full of the sun glare, 202 itself likes great in either direction, no major problems, look at the speed censors, 555, 276. drop down to 27 traveling 956789 we are seeing high volume between academy, all
6:26 am
the way through down toward the vine st. expressway, stop and go, but still there. watch out for midday construction 422 eastbound around trooper. this will be ongoing between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. mass transit as well as philadelphia international look great. >> kyle kendrick gets the start it hear this evening. chase utley provided the fire power last night, early, his two run homerun gave the phils a lead, scored the go ahead run in the third inning. on the mound, cole hamels pitched into the seventh inning, with seven strikeouts for his third win of the season. phils win this one last night final score was 30 to two. the sixers play the houston rock nets summer league action tonight. we expect to see little more of the big fellow, noel, as well. food for thought, the nicks reportedly want to trade a.m. airy stottmeyer and iman to the sixers. stottmeyer, still has game left, a loft game, got year left on his contract for
6:27 am
$23 million the six remembers well under the cap. nicks don't have a a lot of draft picks to include in the deal. we'll see what sam can work out if he wants to. stay tuned. the philadelphia zoo is excited about brand new addition. >> oh, and they're certainly cute and sure to be crowd favorites. take a look. four new lion cubs were born june 26th, the cubs, and their mother, named tahiri all doing well. the cubs first born at the zoo since 1996. that by, continuing the suasion successful breeding program, for big cats. >> again, mama there, looks say it all. do not mess with my cubs. >> coming up: live with update on breaking news, a murder mystery in bucks county. syma? >> that's right. a shooting leaves one man dead. two injured. and police are still on the scene here in bristol township investigating. i'll have details coming up.
6:28 am
plus, philadelphia's welcome america concert on the fourth of july has sparked an uproar from people who weren't too pleased with all of the profanity. now, mayor nutter is addressing the issue. >> and victoria, katie, return with your traffic and weather together, we do it on the 3's, back at the bottom of the hour. good morning.
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saving people money on more than just car insurance. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". good morning to you, an update now on breaking news, we've been following all morning. police investigating triple shooting in a quiet neighborhood in bristol, bucks count. >> i three men were found shot inside a home in the 900 block of windsor drive. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry on the scene with more on this investigation. same, a good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, nicole, shooting leaves one man dead, two injured. police still here on the scene investigating this shooting that took place a little before 1:00 this morning. now, one man was found fatally shot inside of the home on the 900 block of windsor drive. now, when police arrived, they also found two other men injured. both of them, both men, rather, taken to the hospital. one of the victims was shot in the head. another victim shot in the back. police say, one of the victims ran to a neighbor's house and called 911. we're told, all three of the victims are in their mid 20's, to early 30's.
6:32 am
now, we spoke with some of the friends here on the scene, they identify one of the victims as joshua johnson, and he is in the hospital right now, they say, he is the one that was shot in the head. and i talked with his aunt, and this is what she told me. >> he is a loving, big hearted person. he would do anything for anybody. he was in a wheelchair, and he loved the children. he would do anything for anybody. and he didn't deserve this, what happened to him. >> and she also tells me that when she saw him in the hospital, doctors were informing relatives that he may be brain dead. but we are working to get an update on his condition, and the other victim. in the meantime, police say, they have no suspects, and no weapons have been recovered. live in bristol township, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma, thank you. the glassboro police department is mourning the loss of one of their police
6:33 am
k9's. authorities say k9 officer anka struck by car and killed saturday night after escaping from her kennel. her partner, glassboro patrolman, charles williams, found her miss whg he returned home that evening. the six year old german shepherd was apparently frightened by nearby fireworks. it is 6:33 right now, we send it over to katie for a check on the forecast. >> definately very summer like one for sure. we can expect the temperatures to easily rebounds back to the mid 90s, actually over achieved 93 yesterday, today, we will easily hit the forecasted high of 94, the problem is, what you see isn't always what you get. for one thing, it will feel hotter than the thermometer reads, but in addition to that, storm scan3, while empty at the moment, probably doesn't stay that way. here is the reason y we do have frontal boundery headed our way, and with that combination of the moisture source from the south, we've got strong humidity, high humidity, as well as some real strong sunshine to heat things up. some storms will fire up here,
6:34 am
especially north and west of philly later this afternoon and evening, featuring downpours, gusty winds, maybe even some small hail. but we will likely see frequent lightning with these, as well, so if you hear thunder, it is a great excuse to hit the pool, you'll have nice long window for that today. make sure to head inside when thunder roars today. seventy-six the current temperature at the airport, generally still a southerly component to the winds flow. even though we are starting off with sunshine, not just in the city but pretty much everywhere else, we are heating up. back up to the mid 90s, we mention later today. but again eventually storm clouds should start to move in. victoria, over to you. >> thanks, katie, you're right. things heating up as well on the roads, and i kept mentioning this morning, the one thing that i'm worried about, are disable vehicles. specially in this casino of heat. and there we go. we got disable vehicle on the northbound side of 202, this is northbound 202, right as you're around area of 29, great valley, you can see, there is the exit. here is penndot assisting that disable vehicle. now, we have one lane which is block, only the left lane getting by.
6:35 am
>> as we continue, we take you to nine, a southbound side every 59, make your way through the the cottman avenue construction zone, the superintendent bound side of 95, very slow, from academy, all the way down through to the vine st. expressway. some areas you catch a bit of a break. but i would say that's for about one to two minutes, until you run into some more volume. so, speeds are dropping down into the 20's, on 95 southbound, and take a look at that delay stemming almost back to far northeaster philadelphia, again, around academy. fifty-four your average on the schuylkill expressway, vine st. expressway looking pretty good. blue route looking pretty good. however, still dealing with the partial building collapse, on spruce street, right around 60th in west philadelphia. so, definately try to avoid that area if you can. traveling in new jersey, northbound, 42, the northbound 55, leading to 42, we're experiencing some volume. no delays at the airport or for mass transit. nicole? >> torrey, thank you. some musicians might have to clean up their act if they want to sing in next year's welcome america concert. performers like the roots,
6:36 am
vinny minaj, ed sheeran all used profanity during their performance cents at the concert on the parkway friday night. mayor michael nutter said the concert supposed to be family friendly and he is looking into that foul language. >> the bottom, bottom line is that we don't want to have that kind of language with the audience, i'm taking this very, very seriously. >> the mayor tells us, he'll work with concert organize tears make next year's concert little more family friendly. los angeles clippers owner donald sterling expected to take the stands today as he fights to keep control of his basketball team. the nba banned sterling for life after he was caught making arrays is rant. now, he's suing to stop his wife, shelly, from selling the team for $2 billion. a neurologist testified yesterday that sterling likely has altzheimer's disease. >> the nfl and 4500 former players have agreed settle a concussion related lawsuit, that was filed right here in
6:37 am
philadelphia. the ruling comes two weeks after the national football league agreed remove a $675 million cap on damages. the settlement is designed to last 65 years, and cover retired players who developed neurological conditions resulting from head injuries during their playing days. all right, 6:37 right now. the us strong market index touched new milestones, which is pretty great for our 401k's and our ira's. >> jill schlessinger warnings investors we shouldn't let down our guard. she's up in new york for us right now, hi, jim, good morning to you. >> morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> so what are the new milestones? >> reporter: last thursday, that holiday shortened session, dow jones closed above 17,000 for the first time ever. it made that jump from 16 to 17,000 in about seven and a half months. that is the seventh fastest thousand point gain in the index's history. meanwhile, we've got the s&p 500, nearing the 2,000 level.
6:38 am
and get this: fourteen years after hitting 5,000 for the first time, the nasdaq composite is just about 12 and a half, 13% below its record that we saw in march 2,000. i bet a lot of people thought it would be a long time before we would be saying nasdaq 5,000 again. >> we like the sounds of it, jill. despite the new milestones, you say new signs of complacency. what do you mean by this? >> well, investors feeling kind of mellow. that's according to the saint lewis federal reserve. they said that the financial stress index fell to its lowest level in over 20 years. we're so cool. we don't care any more, i guess? also, the volatile at this index, that's the vix, the fear index, that's dropped to a seven year low of around 11. you may recall the vix sort of 80s during the financial crisis. now look, just because the environment seems calm, it doesn't mean that something bad is brewing. but i want to remind everyone,
6:39 am
it would be very unwise to let down your guard against the risks that are ever present for investors specially since the s&p 500 has not seen a 10 percent correction in nearly three years. >> so what do you think, should folks sell? >> sell? no, i won't say that, come on, just because a correction could be coming doesn't mean you should bailout. but, we know that markets are up, and that means it is a fantastic time to re balance your portfolios. if you are a long-term investors, i mean, if you have ten, 15, 20 years, no reason to alter your game plan, just keep investing in that diversified portfolio. and always just be careful, you don't want to be lured into making any dramatic changes, sometimes we kind of get our risk level up when nothing is going on, so be careful around that. for more to do on what to do when markets are quiet, you can go to jill on money. com. >> don't alter the game plan, thanks, jill, appreciate it.
6:40 am
39:00 right now. new technology like google glass is making it easier for hack tears steel your password. now, researchers have developed a program that can actually figure out a person's pass code by taking videos of them punching the pass code into their iphone or tablet. and here is the scary part, they can actually do this from 10 feet away. >> how about that? >> careful out there. >> hey, crumbs has closed up shop. >> the chain known for its cupcakes shutdown at the ends every business yesterday. it will file for chapter seven bankruptcy liquidation. now, crumbs started 11 years ago with locations including the cherry hill mall, pretty close to here, but recently had been suffering from a steep decline in sales. well, last week nasdaq de-listed that company, so crumbs no more. >> how about that? our time 6:40. we could be in the middle of a heatwave. and as temperatures soar, people hit the pool for relief. that also means more cases of swimmers ear. coming up: doctor oz in the house to talk about ways you can prevent getting the painful infection. >> and hey, even madonna is
6:41 am
required to fulfill her civic duty. mads heads to jury duty. the story coming up next. ♪ >> remember the crazy elevator storey? now so language talking about the fight that went viral. hear what she has to say about it, coming up on the other side. we'll be back. >> ♪
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we could be in the middle of a heatwave once again, check on the elderly, check on your children, check on your pets indeed. here's katie with the pollen report. >> good morning, guys, looking at pollen levels generally somewhat lower than what we've been dealing with, later on in the week. but, we can expect grasses to be the predominant issues for us out there today, eventually some showers, thunderstorms start to fire up. at the moment, pretty quiet. wider zoom though, we do have stormy weather to track here, off to the west, this is all courtesy of the latest cold front. building the heat, building humidity in the atmosphere today, will help get the instability going for us, so eventually we have to deal with some showers, some thunderstorms. today easily rebounding mid 90s, we'll have to dodge some showers, some storms, later in the day, some of which could be locally severe off to the north and west specially. tomorrow similar story for us here, as we take a look here,
6:45 am
at the next seven days, expecting those temperatures that are into the mid 90s today to continue into the 90s tomorrow. which will officially make it a heatwave. we will still be dodging additional showers, storms, lingering shower looking ahead to thursday, by friday, saturday, we should generally be in the clear. victoria? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, still dealing with the disable vehicle situation, traveling on the northbound side of 202, as you make your way around 29, right around malvern, so, it is compromising, ever so slightly, the right-hand lane. we do have some onlookers, but the good news for the most part, it has been moved to the shoulder. give yourselves more time. again, northbound 202 right around 29, sun glare definitely, affecting your commute as well. this is if you are traveling on 95, right around the stretch of the commodore barry bridge, you are headed in the northbound direction, approaching the commodore barry, some slight volume. we take a look at 95, the worse spot to be, would be headed out of northeast philadelphia, in through to center city experiencing volume between academy and the vine st. expressway, speed censors down to 19 miles per hour, now finally seeing that
6:46 am
rush on the schuylkill, approaching the roosevelt boulevard, out through to the western suburbs, delays, but five however on 476, no major problems in new jersey, or even delaware, nicole? >> happening today, first marijuana stores opening, expected to be accompanied by celebration but also high prices and some shortages. it is unclear how many of the marijuana license shops in washington expect to open. officially plan to have 300 recreational pot shops across the state in washington state. >> spending more time in the pool, down the beach. while that water can be very refreshing, can also be frustrating if you end up with a ear ache. >> according to the cdc, swimmers ear resulted in estimated 2.4 million healthcare visits every single year. family doctor rob dan off on call this morning, what you
6:47 am
can do, good morning to you, doctor rob. so we've all heard the term swimmers ear, but break it down for us. >> a lot of times we think of ear infections, we think of the inner ear, but swimmers ear, think of the outside of your ear, and there is a canal, like highway to get to eyre dream -- drum. fancy word but inflammation infection of the ear canal, goes from the outside of your ear, to the inside. and it is really common in a lot of people can get it, kids or adults. >> what are the symptoms when it comes to general ear ache, you mention kids get it, as well. how can you tell with the kids? a lot of times they can't express themselves? >> so right. they can't. but a lot of times itching is the first symptom of this swimmers ear, often they happen within 24 hours of being in the watt r error getting wet. so you see your kid scratching scratching a lot. what's going on? but then in the next fewer hours, might start to get little pain, mommy, daddy it, hurts, or adults it, really
6:48 am
hurts. remove your earring inning, even painful. you can get red, sometimes swollen, and say if it happened to one every us we might express, like i don't hear as well, sounds really muffled. because you think about that ear canal. sound transmits, like one way highway. when you get this infection, it is blocked. so everything sounds clogged. you don't hear that well. >> sound brutal. how can we prevent it? >> one of the biggest things if we can to try to keep our ears dry. real hard. a loft times this past weekends people in the water, patients yesterday, three of these infections yesterday. you try to keep ureas dry as you can. so when you get out of the water dry it with a towel, a loft times, people use those swimming caps. that cover your ears. people have multiple infections, i get they will little ear plugs, customized so it blocks any water from getting in there. that's real important to use. you know the ear buds you're wearing? a lot of people listen to them with the sterio, they get dirty, bacteria can get in
6:49 am
there. when you scratch your ear or you try to keep out of your ear with the cotton tips, that can scratch the inside of your ear, cause an opening in your skin, and then when water gets this there, it has bacteria, fungus, i am fiction occur. so we always say keep out of iron ears. >> how do you treat it? >> a lot of times ear drops. if you have pain, swelling, muffled hearing, see your doctor. we use ear drops that can be a and antibiotic, steroid, often hems, little tip, a combination of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, couple of drops will dry it out, keep the bacteria away and fungus, maybe prevent the infection from occurring. >> good stuff. >> i can't keep off my k tips. >> careful with those. >> i know. >> are you kidding? >> believe me. >> use them anywhere but not inside your ear. draw with them, do whatever you need to do. >> i'll try, doctor rob. >> there you go, thanks, dock, appreciate t. >> now 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell up in new york with your preview. good morning.
6:50 am
>> good morning to you, ukee, nicole. ahead washington state pop shops open their doors for the first time this morning. we're there with concerns about pot shortages, and high prices. plus one colorado restaurant offers burger with a side of guns. look at this, batter peterson visits the grill where waitresses and customers are encourage today holster up, and oscar winning actress halle barre will join us here in studio 57. we'll talk to her about making the transition to film to tv and starring in a hot new cbs show. the news is back in the morning, we'll see in you about ten minutes, and ukee, you want me to get her autograph for you? >> too late. i already have it, i got it five years ago, i got it, nor a i got it. >> oh, boy. >> you should have heard him, okay, all right. >> yes, i think tonight, getting close. or tomorrow night, indeed. thanks, appreciate t. ♪ >> hot couple in tinseltown. >> actor joe is working his magic, on actress sophie a the
6:51 am
two met at the white house correspondent dinner back in may, the attractive couple responded together over the holiday weekend. now there is love connection is no surprise to people magazine editors, admitted his hollywood crush, when he shot this year's hottest bachelor issue. and she is hilarious. >> yes, she is. >> such a catch. so couldn't agree more. >> singer so language addresses elevator altercation she had with brother-in-law jay-z. this is the scuffle caught on camera, happened bay in mack. she and her sister beyonce and and jay-z leaving for a gala party when so long, and says, quote, what is important is that my family and i are all good. end quote. that was -- >> basically she said nothing, okay, moving on. even celebrities are summoned nor jury duddy. madonna arrived at the courthouse yesterday in
6:52 am
manhattan. can you imagine showing to up jury duty and seeing mads? didn't mink well other perspective jurors, dismiss bad two hours laterment while she was at the courthouse, though, madonna posted inch gray stomach picture with the caption is her sing my country, report to go jury selection with the hashtag it's hot in here. little too hot for mads. feeling your pain this morning, sister. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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♪ wandering out into this great unknown ♪ ♪ and when it's done, believe that i ♪ ♪ will yell it from that mountain high ♪ ♪ i was born free it's the chevy summer drive. see your local chevy dealer.
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>> wish man kill, two injured, in a shooting in bristol bucks county. police are working to ida motive. there are also searching for a weapon. at the moment, there have been no arrests. and large crowd demonstrated at the scene of saturday's deadly fire in southwest philadelphia. neighbors say the fire department didn't respond quickly enough, to save four children killed in that fire. >> building clams, no one injured, but people force from the their homes and are in the care of the red cross. >> traffic and weather together. here's k fell. >> good morning, we have potential for severe weather later today. meantime good window every opportunity to enjoy the heat and humidity if that is your thing. tell you what, hot and steamy day out there. storm scan3, nice wide zoom. shows approaching frontal boundery will help fuel some stronger storms later today.
6:56 am
some of the stores could be around for the union's quarterfinal match here against the revolution tonight for the us open cup if you are headed down to the ballpark, 84 degrees spec the kick off temperature, today, tomorrow, hot one, should make it heatwave by tomorrow with three straight days in the 90s, victoria. >> thank you, katie. roads are definitely heating up with a loft rush hour, we are looking at the schuylkill express bay, 76 westbound, and if there is one nugget on the schuylkill where you will find something, it is right here, at city avenue. so you are traveling westbound, approaching city out to the western suburbs, slow, also slow eastbound, making your way down toward the vine st. expressway also around the curve so drop down to 19 miles per hour, 19 on 95, no delays however for mass transit, delaware, new jersey, looking grade. >> thanks so much. everybody knows most turtles are pretty slow moving. >> yep. but now there is video proof that not all turtles are slow.
6:57 am
this is a turtle playing ball with a dog. something you don't see every day. moving slow is no fun during the ballgame. some say it could be the fastest turtle ever caught on camera. very agile, too. >> mobile, agile, get your hot style. >> apparently the story about the tortoise and the hair is just a jenner ill general err al is agents, turtles can be fast. next up, halle barre and we're keeping it live, keeping it local
6:58 am
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, july 8th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." washington state lights up. recreational marijuana goes on sale today. we're there for the big surprise pot smokers about to face. new backlash at the border. what could happen next with thousands of undocumented children. plus, gun-toting waitresses inside the restaurant with an appetite for firearms. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you feel like you're making history? >> i do. as a matter of fact that's the whole reason i'm here. >> washington state goes green. >> ready to open our


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